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Filled up this spot on a regular client’s arm last week! She sat like a champ for 5 hours

cmancufruzgaj asked: Hi :) So i have a question. I'm getting tattoo for my birthday and I want it to be boxing gloves, but i cant decide where should I have it cuz i dont want it to be completely hidden but also i dont want it to stand out to much and i figured out you could maybe help me? Ty


Honestly, get it wherever YOU want it. Just remember that if you want a decent amount of tattoos as you get older/as the years go on, that you don’t want to fuck up a rad spot with something small, like don’t go for the chest, or the thigh unless you are going to make a full thing out of it. Back of shoulder, ankle, forearm, calf - All great places for a first tattoo.


don’t fucking tell me that my talent is a “blessing” or a “gift.”  it wasn’t given to me at all.  i got to where i am today because i picked up a crayon in kindergarten and i haven’t put it down for 20 fucking years, not because some supernatural entity decided to sprinkle a little magic talent dust into my dna

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